The Aqua Skin Facial system includes a number of features that you can provide as services to your clients.

The Aqua Skin Facial enables you to thoroughly clean the skin in less time using our Derma-Cleansing and Derma-Infusion. You can choose to use our recommended solutions, protocols, and variety of cleansing and infusion tips, or design your own protocols using your favorite solutions and methods. Other systems abrade the skin. Aqua Skin Facial cleanses and infuses.

You can choose to use one or more of the four LED handles. Each LED handle produces a different color / wavelength enabling you to target the specific needs of your clients. Industry studies have shown that Red light, 640 nm, Green, 525 nm, Blue, 415nm, and Yellow, 590 nm each have specific benefits for the skin.

With the Aqua Skin Facial's Atomizer you can spray the skin with a very fine mist of your favorite solutions. No cartridges or special attachments are needed. Simply mix your favorite Vitamin C serum or use one of our custom serums.

Aqua Skin Facial also includes Micro-Current Wand.

We simply made a better LED Panel

1800 LEDs, 5-10 more LEDs than other panels

More LEDs = Less treatment time

5 minute treatment time

5400 Joules

Deep Red 660nm