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Illuminate LED™ is a revolutionary LED phototherapy device. Illuminate uses 1800 LEDs because with 1800 LEDs you complete the treatment in less time. Other panels have 100, 200, or maybe 300 LEDs. With 1800 LEDs we can run each at a lower power. Lower power means less heat and longer life. Other panels either have a large heat sink or a very small number of LEDs without a heat sink. Illuminate is light weight, thin, flexible and powerful. The revolutionary, patent-pending, design of Illuminate not only makes it very thin but also provides a number of wonderful benefits. Browse the details here on our website and contact us to discover Illuminate's differentiated benefits.

Many research studies show human cells respond best to 660nm in much the same way that plant cells benefit from sunlight. It is healthy for your skin to be in the sun. You already know that. The sun's UVB energy is what your body uses to make Vitamin D. Unfortunately, UVB, 280nm - 315nm, also gives you a sunburn and has been shown to cause accelerated aging and other problems for your skin. Illuminate uses narrow-band 660 nm LED light. Illuminate does not generate any ultraviolet energy.

We asked prospects what their main issues were with other LEDs panels. The number one concern was long treatment times. With Illuminate's 1800 LEDs you are getting more energy to the skin. More energy to the skin means it takes less time to achieve results. The industry-standard recommended optical energy for skin rejuvenation is 1 Joule/cm2. Illuminate achieves this in less than five minutes. We hope you spent some time researching other panels before deciding on Illuminate. We compared the number of LEDs, the pluses, and the minuses of other LED panels to be sure we designed a better panel that provided industry-leading performance.

When we asked prospects what their main issues were one of them was confusing specifications or just a complete lack of specifications. Joules is how optical energy is characterized. Illuminate achieves 5400 joules in 5 minutes. If you have questions about what this means please ask us. Ask the other providers how much energy they achieve. Other LED panels achieve less than half the amount of energy of Illuminate and it takes them 30 minutes to achieve that!

Illuminate is the only company that supplies a panel without a focusing lens over each LED. We did this for several reasons. It gives us a very thin and elegant panel but more importantly, the energy is uniform over distance. If we included a focusing lens the energy would decrease the farther your skin is away from the panel. Due to the number of LEDs, and how they are mounted, the energy from the panel stays constant over the first three inches of distance from the panel. All other systems must specify their optical power at a specific distance. What this means is that with Illuminate the nose, cheeks, and skin all receive the same amount of energy even though they are different distances from the panel. Revolutionary and patent-pending.

The Illuminate LED Panel is designed and assembled in the United States by Aesthetic Skin Systems. The panel is very rugged and thoroughly tested for wear and tear. We use it every day. If you have any issue please contact us.

Price: $1800

Optical Power: >10mw/cm2

Active Area: 18.25" x 11.25"

Optical Energy: 5000 Joules

Input Voltage: 90 - 240

Input Power: 60 Watts

Wavelength: 660 nanometers

Real Results in Just 5 Minutes

Real Reviews

  • Tanya
    OMG this LED is no joke. It’s a beast!
  • Edyta
    I used it on myself 4 times by now 10 min each time after enzyme peel from Image and I like how fresh my skin looks. I will try to use it every other day for a few weeks.
  • Samantha
    I thought the Rezenerate was the best purchase I would ever make, it was my first “wow” piece of equipment and that in and of its self makes it extra special to me. I always knew I would find other things I loved and “game changers” but I never expected to find something that totally took the place of that, that first love. This LED is beyond amazing. The fact that it’s only a 5-minute treatment and I get to tell my clients it does the same amount of astonishing, look at me, unbelievable work as the longer treatment machines makes every one of them feel like I’m the best decision they made for their beautification. With or without product this baby delivers. I personally love it because my skin is very sensitive and sensitized. I can use this machine on myself and I get to be the cheerleader for it unlike many things I have (even my ultrasonic spatula leaves my face looking like I lost a fight with a bear). I feel confident in using it on everyone which, after all the trial and error I have personally had, I didn’t think I would ever feel. My tag line for this has been “If you are on the fence, JUMP!” I stand by that even more now than the first time I said it. As a side note, I always pull my client's headbands down during this treatment so they get as much light as they can!
  • Lee
    FYI regarding the Illuminate panel; great video, and I loved your marketing suggestions. I used it first time today on a client; it’s way bright but very tolerable for my eyes. For my client, I applied a small strip of a cut up black washcloth under the goggles which made it very comfortable for her sensitive eyes. Thanks, Lee
  • Monica
    I want to get rid of my bulky LED panel now that I have such an amazing led panel!!! I’ve purchased a dozen different brands of light and I am so happy with this one.

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