Frequently Asked Questions

1Have there been any studies conducted regarding the effectiveness of the bodybuffer?
Yes, a study was conducted by Market Reader Pro. They selected 25 women to test the device for 30 days. The study findings revealed there was a statistically significant decrease in the amount of “lumpiness” recorded. Over 70% reported an improvement of appearance and 95% noted their legs felt smooth after using the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer: When looking at “level of lumpiness” before and after 4 weeks of treatment, there was a statistically significant difference in the reduction of cellulite lumpiness (2.74 vs 2.30 p=0.013). This was a scale of 1-5 with 5 being extremely lumpy, 4 very lumpy, 3 somewhat lumpy, 2 not very and 1 no lumpiness. 70% said they noticed improvement after 4 weeks. 67% said it worked better than product they used in the past. 70% said they would recommend to a friend or family Significant Reduction in Lumpiness (graph)
2How quickly can I expect results from bodybuffing?
Immediately. You’ll relieve sore muscles and exfoliate skin to a smoother texture with just one bodybuffing session. Reducing the appearance of cellulite typically takes less than 30 days. When you use your bodybuffer twice a day every day as recommended, you will likely feel a difference within the first week. Most users report a visible improvement within the first month.
3How many minutes should I bodybuff in one area?
We recommend continuously moving the bodybuffer over each targeted area for 3-5 minutes. Do not spend more than 10 minutes on any one region during a session.
4Do I have to keep bodybuffing to maintain the results?
If you’ve achieved the look and feel you want, you may decrease your bodybuffing frequency to once a day or every other day or so. However, if you stop completely, you may notice problems returning. Many users find they want to keep bodybuffing as part of their daily health/wellness regimen. The benefits are just too good to give up! It is recommended that you incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regime to get the true benefits of bodybuffing.
5When I bodybuff my skin turns red and feels a little itchy. Is that normal?
Yes. Bodybuffing increases blood flow to the treated area. This often causes the skin to temporarily redden and can provoke a mild itching sensation. These effects are not harmful and will subside soon after your bodybuffing session.
6Can I bodybuff while dressed?
No. Our devices are to be used on bare, dry, cool skin – preferably before a shower and before bed
7Are there any areas I shouldn’t use the bodybuffer on?
Yes. Never use the device on the head, face, back or front of neck/cervical spine, inner arms or breasts.
8Can I bodybuff if I am pregnant?
Pregnant women should first consult a physician before using the bodybuffer. It may be acceptable to bodybuff your lower legs, feet and arms, but never the trunk/torso nor anywhere near the belly.
9Can I bodybuff if I take blood-thinning drugs?
No. If you take drugs like Coumadin or Lovenox, you should not use the bodybuffer. If you take aspirin regularly, you should try bodybuffing a small area to see if you experience bruising. If not, you may bodybuff with caution.
10Can I bodybuff my feet?
Yes. You can use our devices on healthy feet.
11Can I bodybuff when I have a tan?
Yes. However, if you are sunburned you must not bodybuff until your skin has fully healed.
12Why do I have to use the crème after buffing?
The bodybuffer is a powerful exfoliation device. Your skin may become very dry if you don’t apply a hydrating crème after treating. We designed Après Contouring Crème to complement and enhance the beneficial effects of our bodybuffers. Please visit our online shop to purchase more Après Contouring Crème.
13How can I clean the bonnet on my bodybuffer?
Natural skin oils and cells that shed during exfoliation will eventually soil the bonnet. Simply remove the bonnet, hand-wash it using a gentle detergent and let it dry before slipping it back on your bodybuffer. Worn-out bonnets should be replaced. Fresh bonnets are available for purchase in our online shop.
14Do BelleCore bodybuffers come with a warranty?
Yes. We want you to love your bodybuffing experience. If your device suffers a mechanical failure, we will replace it with a new bodybuffer free of charge.
15Where can I purchase my BelleCore bodybuffer?
The simplest way to buy is through our online shop. Just click here! BelleCore bodybuffers are also sold at the following fine retailers: Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales and Harrods