Easy to Use

Power On – Observe the Indicator Light on the Power Button. Slow flashing green indicates the Illuminate is in standby mode and can be turned on by simply pressing the power button. If not in standby mode, press the power button twice. Once to enter standby mode and once to turn to Illuminate on. Illuminate will automatically turn off after 90 seconds. Move Illuminate to another location on the skin and press the power button to turn to Illuminate on for another 90 seconds.

Lower Brightness – To lower the brightness, briefly press the power button while the Illuminate is on. Illuminate will automatically turn off after 90 seconds.

Indicator Light
Off – Press the power button to enter standby mode.
Slow flashing green – Press the power button to turn on Illuminate.
Slow flashing yellow – Connect the charging cable.

Sleek & Portable

Convenient Charging

We designed the Illuminate LED Disk so that you can charge it by plugging it into any 2 amp USB charger as you do for any cell phone.

No specialty chargers needed, unlike other handheld LEDs.

Illuminate LED Disk has a 1-year repair/replacement warranty that is limited to factory defects or damages caused by shipping. The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or abuse, whether they are intentional or accidental.

The warranty period starts from the purchase date of the LED Disk by the end user. If you fail to register your product and do not provide a purchase receipt, we will attempt to verify the date of purchase with the distributor.

In the event, the purchase date cannot be verified the original ship date will be used as the start of the 1-year warranty.


Model Illuminate 250 G
Weight 4.5 oz
Optical Power 200mw/cm2
Battery 7800mAh
Charging Time 8H (5V/2A Charger)
Box Size 4.25 x 1.25 x 8 inches
Light source LED Light
Wavelength 520 nanometers
Battery life More than 500 cycles
Charging Adapter 5V USB Charger

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