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The Aqua Skin Facial Table Top includes the most popular features of our four bottle, floor standing model in a system that can easily fit on a table or mobile stand. Now you can get the features that you have always wanted at a price that enables you to provide the services that will have your clients loving their skin.

The Aqua Skin Facial Table Top system includes Derma Cleansing and Derma-Infusion, LED lights, and an Atomizer.

The Derma-Cleansing and Derma-Infusion enable you to thoroughly clean the skin in less time using our patent-pending, fluid delivery system. You can use our recommended protocol, one of the included solutions and select the recommended cleansing, infusion, or extraction tip, or design your own protocols using your favorite solutions and methods. Other systems abrade the skin. Aqua Skin Facial cleanses and infuses.

You can choose the LED handles. Each LED handle has three colors / wavelengths to help you target specific needs of your clients. Red - 625 nanometer, Green - 520 nanometer, Blue - 465 nanometer.

With the Aqua Skin Facial's Atomizer you can spray the skin with a very fine mist of your favorite solutions. No cartridges or special attachments are needed. Simply mix your favorite Vitamin C serum or use one of our custom serums.

Aqua Skin Facial’s Derma-Cleansing and Infusion delivers a safe and effective procedure to clean your client's skin.

Unlike other dermabrasion procedures,
Derma-Cleansing and Infusion does not abrade or damage the surface of the skin.

The Aqua Skin Facial leaves the skin clean, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Your client can return to their normal daily routine and the only question they will get is “What did you do, your skin looks great!”.

Aqua Skin Facial comes with all of the solutions that you will need to follow our recommended protocols.
Each protocol step includes the solution, methodology, and the specific tip to use.
You can also use your favorite solutions and modify the protocols to your liking.
Our patent pending fluid delivery system allows you to deliver a more effective treatment, using less treatment fluid.
We provide everything you need to easily get started on the first day you receive your system.

With two LED handles you can target the specific needs of your clients. Each handle has three separate colors to choose from.

The Aqua Skin Facial Atomizer uses pressurized air to make a very fine mist of your favorite essential oil or serum. Fill the receptacle on the atomizer with purified water and then add a few drops or small amount of your water soluble essential oil or peptide serum. Depress the air delivery trigger and adjust the fluid control to obtain the amount of moisture in the mist that you prefer. Start spraying from the forehead and proceed towards the neck, being careful not to spray into the eyes or nose. While spraying use your other hand to stretch the skin to help the atomized liquid to be absorbed.

Aqua Skin Facial has been built using parts that have been shipping reliably for several years. Aqua Skin Facial’s manufacturing has been certified to meet worldwide CE manufacturing standards. If you ever have an issue, we are available to identify and fix your system and get you back up and working. All Aesthetic Skin Systems equipment carry a one year warranty. We also offer spare parts for any accessories that have been misplaced or become damaged.

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